Warm Weather Shipping

Warm Weather Shipping

July 13, 2018

We’re all a little high maintenance sometimes...

Because we make our products with 100% real food, and no junk, they need extra care in the summer months. Our bars are made of all-natural ingredients, like fair trade cocoa, cocoa butter, and organic cane sugar. When it’s warm outside, our chocolate and glazes can melt. We’ve done the work and found the best way to get your bars to you in perfect condition.

Quick Ship & Chill

When outside temperatures consistently exceed 78 degrees, we take extra measures to make sure your bars get to you in perfect condition. First, we recommend  only using expedited shipping for bars, so that you receive them within 2-3 days. Orders over $50 get $5 expedited shipping, and it’s free on all orders over $75. All shipments are on ice - your bars and ice packs are placed inside a comfy, insulated thermal blanket before they’re boxed up for delivery.  If your cold pack isn’t ice cold when you receive your shipment, don’t worry. That just means it’s done its job during shipment.  

*Note that orders received on Fridays will be shipped out the following Monday. Orders received the day before, or on, national holidays will be shipped the day after the holiday.

Let’s not make this awkward, but we have to charge more.

Faster shipping + ice packs = more $$$. It costs more, but we think it’s totally worth it to get the delicious flavor you love, year round. Those costs are reflected in our expedited shipping and cold pack pricing. (Pro tip: Get $5 expedited shipping on orders over $50, and expedited shipping & cold packs are free on orders over $75.)

Daaaaaang, that’s hot.

When it’s really hot, there’s still a chance you may receive slightly melted bars. Our solution? Chill. Just pop them in the fridge for an hour or so to firm them up. Eat them straight from the fridge, or at room temperature.

Still have questions?

Learn more about our summer shipping here. If you don’t get the answers you’re looking for, talk to us at support@truwomen.com.